If you have an individual subscription to the Pulse+IT website which is due to expire soon and you aren't currently on an auto-renew plan, you can renew the subscription by following the instructions below.

  • Navigate to: https://www.pulseit.news
  • Click: Login
  • Enter your username (email address) and password
  • Click: Log In
  • Click: Profile
  • Click: Subscriptions
  • Click: Renew on the relevant subscription
  • Populate the contact and billing information
  • Tick: To accept the notification regarding Pulse+IT privacy policy 
  • Click: Sign up

You can find information on your subscription and renewal date at any stage by clicking Profile >Subscriptions

Note that if your subscription is set up to auto-renew, there is no need to renew manually as payment will deducted automatically and your expiry will be extended at the end of each renewal cycle. Since the launch of the new Pulse+IT website in August 2022, individual subscription purchases are set up to auto-renew, however you can cancel your subscription at any stage.

If you are renewing or purchasing a new subscription for your organisation, please email hello@pulseit.news for discounted subscription options for multiple subscribers.