The Pulse+IT website contains two types of banners positions:

  • Medium rectangle
  • Leaderboard

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the publisher, for best results on modern high resolution screens, artwork should be supplied in all of the following pixel dimensions:

Medium rectangle

  • 300 wide x 250 high pixels (1.0x)
  • 450 wide x 375 high pixels (1.5x)
  • 600 wide x 500 high pixels (2.0x)


  • 728 wide x 90 high pixels (1.0x)
  • 1092 wide x 135 high pixels (1.5x)
  • 1456 wide x 180 high pixels (2.0x)

Artwork is served by the Google DFP advertising system, which supports GIF (animated and static), JPG and PNG.

To ensure your artwork loads quickly, each piece of artwork should be no more than 200KB in size.

If your artwork has a white background either in all or part of the banner you need to ensure that a thin border is placed around the perimeter of the banner.

Please supply your banners and URL/s at least three full business days prior to each booking.

Artwork and the landing page/s (URL/s) to link the files to can be sent to

As we are generally booked out, if artwork is supplied late, or our artwork specifications are not followed by your designer, an administration fee of $100+GST will be charged on each occasion.