At the very bottom of all Pulse+IT eNewsletters is a link that allows you to update your subscription preferences, including your email address.

  1. Click the "update your subscription preferences" link in any Pulse+IT eNewsletter as shown above.
  2. Click: Email Me A Link
  3. Check your inbox for an email from with the subject line: Pulse+IT - eNewsletters: Update Profile
  4. Click: Update your preferences
  5. Update your email address and any other preferences
  6. Click: Update Profile to save your settings.

But I don't have access to my old email account.

The Pulse+IT eNewsletter service is free, so you can easily sign up again using your current email address via: 

What about my Pulse+IT website subscription?


Pulse+IT eNewsletters and the Pulse+IT website are different services - changing your details for one service does not impact on the other. To change the details you use to access the Pulse+IT website, please review the following resource: