Pulse+IT eNewsletters contain Medium Rectangles (600x500 pixels) banners, with the template accommodating two advertisers per edition.

The artwork is scaled by our email template to display at around 300x250 pixels, however the higher resolution format is required to ensure your artwork displays well on modern screens and monitors (e.g. Retina displays).

eNewsletter advertising layouts

Two advertisers can book into each edition, with each organisation receiving two advertising slots.

eNewsletter layout when viewed on a computer / tablet

When viewed on a computer or tablet, the 'Left Hand Side' and 'Right Hand Side' advertising slots appear in Pulse+IT eNewsletters as follows:

Left Hand SideRight Hand Side
Right Hand SideLeft Hand Side

eNewsletter layout when viewed on a mobile device

When viewed on a smart phone or small tablet, the 'Left Hand Side' and 'Right Hand Side' advertising slots appear in Pulse+IT eNewsletters as follows:

Left Hand Side
Right Hand Side

Supplying artwork

Artwork can be repeated throughout the eNewsletter, or multiple pieces of artwork can be supplied to showcase a range of products and services. Please supply your banner/s and URL/s at least three full business days prior to each booking.

Artwork can be supplied as GIF, JPG or PNG. We don't recommend using animated GIFs for eNewsletter banner advertising as many popular versions of Microsoft Outlook will only display the first frame of your animation, so keep this in mind when building your artwork.

To ensure your artwork loads quickly, each piece of artwork should be no more than 200KB in file size.

If you are not an existing Pulse+IT eNewsletter subscriber, you can review past editions and signup here: http://bit.ly/pulseitenewsarchive

Artwork and the landing page/s (URL/s) to link the files to can be sent to hello@pulseit.news

As we are generally booked out, if artwork is supplied late, or our artwork specifications are not followed by your designer, an administration fee of $100+GST will be charged on each occasion.

An important note about UTMs (tracking links)

Pulse+IT eNewsletters are sent using MailChimp. All links, including links to both articles and advertising, in all eNewsletters are tagged with Pulse+IT's own UTM codes by MailChimp.

You are welcome to supply whatever URLs you would like for your advertising, however if you include UTM tracking, this may result in a duplication of the following UTM codes in your URL:

utm_source - e.g. Pulse%2BIT+-+eNewsletters
utm_campaign - e.g. 431a123967-PulseIT_eNews_23_01_2021
utm_medium - e.g. email
utm_term - e.g. 0_b78f06f53f-4890b6d137-413216234

Regardless of whether you supply UTM codes in your URLs, it is critical that the landing pages you use for your advertising support UTM parameters, otherwise the page may not load. Please liaise with your web developer if you have any questions.