To reset your password, follow the simple steps outlined in this document.

Step 1: Locate the "Forgot your password?" link

To reset your password, simply click the Forgot your password? link, which is available at the bottom of all login boxes on the Pulse+IT website.

The various locations of this link on the Pulse+IT website are documented below:

Login box in the main menu

This box appears when hovering over 'Login', which is the right-most button on the Pulse+IT website's main menu. 

Login box on the bottom right 

This box is positioned on the bottom right of the website.

Login page

The same options appear underneath the login boxes on the main Pulse+IT login screen:

Step 2: Enter your email address

The following screen will appear. Enter your email address and click submit.

Step 3: Check your email

Assuming the email address you entered is associated with an account on our system, an email containing a verification code will have been sent to the same address. 

If the email hasn't arrived within a minute or two, check your junk mail for an email with the following details:


Subject: Instructions to reset your Pulse+IT website password

If you still can't locate the email, repeat the steps above and you still can't locate it, speak to your IT administrator who may need to release the email from your corporate spam filter.

Step 4: Enter the verification code

The Pulse+IT website should now show the following screen:

Copy and paste the verification code into the window as shown above, enter your email address into the Username field, then click Submit. Be careful not to include any blank spaces at either the start or end when copying the code.

If you have inadvertently closed the above window or you are having trouble copying and pasting the code, click the URL (link) at the bottom of the email and enter your email address into the Username field, then click Submit.

Tip: If you click the link in the email, a second Pulse+IT website page will have opened in your browser. You should close the original Pulse+IT webpage as it is no longer needed and may cause confusion.

Step 5: Enter a new password

The following window will appear. Enter your new password (at least six characters) and confirm it, then click Submit.

Step 6: Log in using your new password

Assuming the process has worked, the following window will appear:

Enter your Username (i.e. your email address), Password, and tick the Remember me box (recommended), then click the Log In button to access all articles on the Pulse+IT site.