Individual and corporate subscriptions

If you or your organisation has paid for access to the Pulse+IT website, email for assistance.

Membership associations

If you have Pulse+IT website access by virtue of your membership of one of the following organisations, please contact them using the relevant details below and provide them with your current details:

OrganisationWebsiteEmail addressPhone number

1800 196 000  

+61 2 9887 5002
+61 3 9326 3311

Until such time as your membership association notifies Pulse+IT about your updated details, you can continue to log into the Pulse+IT website using your existing email address.

What about my Pulse+IT eNewsletter subscription?

Pulse+IT eNewsletters and the Pulse+IT website are different services - changing your details for one service does not impact on the other. To change the email address Pulse+IT sends emails to, please review the following resource:

How do I change my Pulse+IT eNewsletter email address?